This private page is for you, the Ortovox team. It's a selection of most of the photos I took during my outings with, among others, Nacho.
I would also like to thank you here for your support and for the excellent clothes & material you gave me these two last years.  This represents a lot!
Ski Touring, Maurienne, with Nacho & Rémi (2021)
Meije (3984m), South Face direct (Pierre Allain route) and ridge crossing, Écrins massif. With Nacho (2020)
Sialouze (3576m), South & North ridge. Écrins massif, with Nacho & its friends (2019)
Envers des Aiguilles, Chamonix, Mont-Blanc massif. With Nacho (2019)
Ski touring in Belledonne massif, Tour du Ferrouillet, with Olivier (2020)
Rock Climbing (Cirque du Bournillon, Pic de l'Aigle, Presles), with Nacho (2020)
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